Sunday, September 02, 2007

First Class

As I write this I am sitting in First class on the eurostar. As the old saying goes it was far from First Class on the Eurostar I was raised but due to the fact my worked booked me in late I ended up here. It is strange I do not feel at my ease here. As if I have tricked my way in here. Like the 10 year old that sneaks into the 15s film to spend the whole time watching to see if they will be kicked out and not actually enjoying the movie. As I was served my Summer Salad and my duck pie. I feel sub conscience. Like Leanord De Caprico in Titanic I am not sure of the portcol of what I should do.

Take the wine. I was offered some wine with my meal. Now my instinct was to neck it. Feck the plastic glass I am on a shaky train it is the safest option. But I felt the need to use the plastic cup and indeed I did spill some as my pouring coincided unfortunately with a bump in the tracks.

For all my right wing leans I do porcesases a dis-like of the rich. I should probably be a class warrior aiming to bring down these but I am not I favour policies that favour the very people who I dis-like. Maybe dis-like is a strong word. My English is possibly not sufficient enough to explain my feelings on the matter. But seeing the D4 heads of this world shopping in local markets and voting Labour I somewhat seem to think that they are trying to invade the turf of the rest of us. I a kind of slumming it with the masses trip to laugh about at their dinner parties. Telling anecdotes of paricoical nature of the rest of the people. In essence believing that they think that they are better then me. Yet the only person I know from that part of the world is a genuinely nice person who I have nothing but good things to say about. So maybe it is me that has the problem. Feck it is probably me who does have the problem.

The thing is that class has changed. A while back on Dublin Opinion there was a heated discussion on the point of whether class exists or not. My argument was that class is a function of wealth nothing more. The ability to further ones self with finciall means nothing more. A building developer who loves a few pints and the local GAA team can be above the class of someone from D4 who chose to own a small book store. That the cultural leanings of the person did not matter. Others argued that class was more then mear financial. It was a certain status that looked down on people that did not have that status regardless of money. The HiCos as McDreamy would term them. Despite my belief in my argument my heart is at the other side (just been given a hot towel what the shite is this for?) I do see the divided being on non-monetary means. I do some how believe that the opposite is the case that Class exists and money and achievement can not break it down.

But I am a scientist I believe in logic and proof. For all the D4 book shop owning learnings the son of the Builder is going to have more money at his back when he moves on in the world. He can have everything he wants while the D4 book shop owners child for all their leanings may struggle (save Grandma comes along with money.) The majority of class is in peoples minds. We are no different we may start off at different levels but with access to education anyone can achieve what they want in this world. And we should not let the fear of the old order makes us fear where we are. We are where we are do to merit and in the of the day that is all that matters. In a free market with adequate education provision we are all equal.

Up bringing does not matter. If you work on the stock market you are measure by you ability not by you upbring. Whether you say “Loike Fintan” or “ ya langer” at the end of the day your performance is all that matter and as I type I take heart in that. Who cares if the guy beside me turns down everything that separates first class to the rest to read his theatre review magazine feck it I am sculling my complementary can of Kronenberg.

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