Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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Love in Tennis between Murray and Jankovic
she also told the local newspaper Vecernje Novosti: "Instead of discussing tactics in pauses between he used to tell me how attractive I was. I told him I would give him a kiss for every good point and it worked."
Green future demands a radical shift in lifestyles for British

MEAT-FREE menus, battery- operated cars and an end to affordable flights.

These are among the radical visions outlined in a report which says Britain could be carbon neutral within 20 years - but only if major steps are taken to change our lifest

But maybe there is another response Garlic for cows. Which seemingly can cut cow emissions by 50%. Why a whiff of garlic may help scientists cut cows' flatulence

Ringtones or the Auditory logic of globalism

This essay attempts to provide a description of the global ringtone industry, to determine and assess the numerous cultural consequences of the ringtone’s appearance and development, and to situate the ringtone within the context of contemporary capitalism. At its broadest, my assertion is that the development of the ringtone is a powerful lens through which we might clearly view some of the dynamics of present day (or “late”) capitalist cultural production, including the development of new rentier economies within oligopolistic sectors of production and consumption, and a long–term shift in global productive dominance from North America to the Pacific Rim. The ringtone is also a remarkable cultural phenomenon that is demonstrating a high degree of popularity and is undergoing rapid transformation; therefore, its short, continuing lifetime already needs to be assessed historically.
Somehow ringtones can bring about
"a resurgence of a global culture of socialism"
Emm not sure how. But you can buy socialist ringtones here. Assessing the Effectiveness of Suicide Attacks and Targeted Killings by David A. Jaeger, Daniele Paserman (June 2007)

Abstract: In this paper we assess the effectiveness of suicide attacks and targeted killings in the Second Intifada. We find evidence that the targeted killings of Palestinian leaders by Israel reduce realized Palestinian violence. We find, however, that intended Palestinian violence is increasing at low levels of targeted killings, but decreasing at higher levels. There is little evidence to suggest that suicide bombings against Israelis reduce the number of subsequent Palestinian fatalities. Rather, we find that suicide attacks that kill at least one Israeli lead to subsequent increased incidence and levels of Palestinian fatalities. Our results do not support the notion that suicide attacks and targeted killings follow the “tit-for-tat” pattern that is commonly postulated in the literature. Discussion Paper No. 2890

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