Monday, July 23, 2007

John Gumley

Just when I was warming to John Gumley he went back to his old ways. Ahh well. From RTE. Gormley targets chewing gum manufacturers. Now this is more of the usual lets scapegoat the corporations moronic shite. Gum on our streets is terrible and anyone who has stood on it will atest. But who ’s fault is it that the gum end up on the street? People.

Chewing Gum wrappers tell people to bin there product, yet people still throw it on the ground. Unlike smoking corporations they never pretended that chewing gum would not stick to the paths. This is not even equivalents of the alcohol companies promoting drinking. They never claimed anything but put it in the bin when finished. They never advocated littering. Is it the chewing gum companies fault that people are twats and mis-use the product? No it is not. By targeting the chewing gum manufacturers Gumley is totally missing the point and making the matter worse.

We should not be trying to get the manufacturers of the gum to clean up the mess we should be trying to stop the mess in the first place. Hell that is even more environmental cutting down on Carbon emissions from street cleaners. By freeing the litter laots of the responsibility of the messing they are making a culture of abdicated responsibility from the masses. Can’t someone else do it. The reason there is gum on the streets is because Gum companies make gum not because people throw it on the ground seems to be the thinking here.

This is similar to the case in Scotland of trying to ban Buckfast thinking it will stop teenage binging. Which is bull the issue is not what product they drink it is the reason they do drink and the need to stop them drinking. Ban buckfast and they will drink vodka. Same problem save thhe monks of buckfast abbey will be down a fee quid. Same to with this.

Push for harsher punishments on the corporations, you will achieve nothing the culture that makes people throw stuff on the ground will just increase as people feel that it is not there responsibility any more and an innocent corporation (yes it is innocent of any crime) punished just because it easier and more political advantageous (especially after going into power with the “anti-Christ’s” and need to reinforce your right-on credentials) to punish the innocent.

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