Friday, November 17, 2006

Me Trout

I meant to add this recipe to my blog but never got around to it. Here is what I did with some trout. Ingrediants. Rashers,

2 Fillets of Trout, (I was hungry)



Cream (maybe 150mls),



half a small Onion

First take the rashers and fry them and the onion in a little olive oil. When the rashers are cooked take them out of the pan and leave a side. If you are very hungry make a rasher sandwich but if you can resist keep them warm. Next fry the onions until translucent as they say. Reduce the heat and add the cream and the tarragon and simmer. This is the sauce add a squezze of lemon to this sauce just before the fish is done.

Next take a grill pan. Remember fish is usually best when it is very simply done. So take the fish and lightly dust it with some flour. Next take some butter and melt it in a grill ban. Once the butter is melted and not burnt. Place the fish flesh side down in the grill pan for about a minute. Next flip the fish over on to the skin side and fry until down. (maybe 5 minutes) .

Once the fish is done, place it one a plate with the rashers and drizzle over the sauce. Serve with some of My flatmates mum's rice.

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