Friday, April 21, 2006

Unions taking the Piss

From RTE

Waterford Stanley has issued protective notice to all its manufacturing workers following an escalation of the relocation dispute.

The company wants to move production of its cookers and ranges to a premises on the IDA industrial estate three miles away.

The union representing most of the manufacturing staff, the TEEU, wants €2,300 for each employee for the relocation.

Also they are up in arms about this.

The Health Service Executive has said that it does not plan to continue paying for taxis for staff who were relocated one mile from their old workplace in north Dublin.

Since September last year, the HSE has been paying for 24 staff who use public transport to get a taxi from their old office to their new office, and back again, every day at a cost of more than €700 a week.

Seriously how selfish is this. With all the exploitation taking place this is the shite they are campaigning for. Shameful

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