Thursday, April 20, 2006

Changing the Presidency

I posted this over on Irish Election

In a previous post. I talked about the Greens plans to change the Presidency. United Irelander has found a bill doing just that as was brought in on the same day so I guess it is the same one.

He believes that it will extend to right to vote in the Presidential election to people in the North of Ireland as the Provisions of the Bill state the purpose of the bill includes

“the opportunity for those not resident in the State of Ireland but citizens of the State of Ireland to vote in Presidential Elections”,

The actual text to be inserted into the constitution Part 2 states ” Every Citizen who has the right to vote at an election for members of Dail Eireann regardless of their residency shall have the right to vote at an election for President.”

Does this mean as the right to vote extends to British citizens and Irish Citizens that these people can vote in the Presidental Election. That would be an interesting developement.


Anonymous said...

Yes but is this not just pandering to the crowd. the Irish President while being a great figure head in more recent time is just that a figure head. Letting non Residents vote is about as useful having as giving G W bush a book.
What next we will allow under 18's to vote for the Senate.

Unknown said...

How about we actually have an election, I'll be 28 before I'll have voted in a Presedential election and even then we could just have another agreed candidate. Some bloody democracy.