Friday, April 28, 2006

Creationism Class.

Anyone ele scared by this?

Also a BBC Documentary


Frustoo said...

I'm scared that its a science. Everyone has the right to their own belief, but the creationists don't realize the difference between belief and fact

Stephen_Boyle said...

I think a simple 'yes' will suffice here!

Anonymous said...

Spot the difference:

Science: starts with observation and repeatable experiment involving natural phenomena; the interpretation of which leads to a conclusion.

Creationism: Starts with a supernatural conclusion followed by a biased filtering of all the facts discarding, attempting to debunk or ignoring those that either don't support or directly contradict it.

American Celt said...

Creation "science" is moronic, but Hovind takes the Cake. He makes morons look like geniuses.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a good video. Don't you just love what Dr Hovind is doing.

I think that doing creation semonars is what God is calling me to do.

I had a debate with a geologist just two days ago and I just love it.

This geologist was much much more clever that I am but I was right, and he was wrong and the evidence soported what I said and I won! Yay!!!!

Any way if you are the owner of this blog then could you please tell me how you put videos on your blog?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Here is something that I have been reading in a book that I read.

The evolutionary history of the universe might be pictured as four B's:

1. Big Bang
2. Big Chance
3. Big Strugle
4. Big Death

Biblical history of the universe might be pictured as four C's:

1. Creation
2. Corruption
3. Catastrophe
4. Christ

Simon said...

Thing about creationism and intelligencent design from a religious point of view is not all christian churchs believe in it. The officall vatican line is that evolution is true and intelligent design. Something to do with catholic dogma believing the god does not interfere and is more of a watchfull god.

My belief on creationism and intelligent design is that it is not a science therefore it should not be thought in science class. teach it away in religion class if you want. That way it gives people who want to see an "alternative" a chance to see it.

Anyway on google video and youtube there is an enbed code on the page copy that into your blog as html source and bobs your uncle you have video on your blog.

Anonymous said...

thanks simon

Eamonn said...

I enjoyed that video alot, it really opened my eyes, and that whole 'canape of water' above the atmosphere theory, finally explains why the sky is blue!