Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Kilmeaden cheese and Europe

A new EU law Protected Designation of Origin means that the product must come from the location it is named. For instance Feta must come from Greece and Parma Ham must come from Parma and Newcastle Brown ale must come from Newcastle. This was challenged in court and they lost. So this means that the product must have the origins that people(i.e European bureaucrats) would come to expect. Now recently a big controversy in Waterford was that the Kilmeaden cheese factory was going to be closed and moved. Now what effect does this ruling have on the decision to move Kilmeaden production from Kilmeaden. Do most people consider Kilmeaden as coming from Kilmeaden if so is it possible that if a case was brought to the European courts Glanbia may have to either not close the plant or rename the cheese ballyragget. Ballyragget the Fillet of cheddar is just not the same is it.


Colm said...

What about all those beers/spirits that are brewed under licence?

Simon said...

No Idea. Good point though. Guinness is associated with Dublin so should it be always from Dublin?