Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Duplicity of Political Correctness.

We are now a multicultural country and therefore kids should be allowed to drink. Underage drinking maybe one of the worst traits of modern Ireland but we need to allow underage drinking. How you may wonder this should happen. Well in this country we now have people from France whose culture includes allowing children to drink.

Some thing tells me not the many people (other then teenagers) would be in favour of such a law. They would argue that alcohol abuse is epidemic in Ireland and that drinking in teenagers leads to violence and underage sex with all the problems that leads to. But these people are also the same who argue for that Muslim women should be allowed to wear the hagab. Now don’t get me wrong I believe people are entitled to do what they wish as long as it doesn’t harm others. But why should we reject one persons (French) culture as wrong and accept the other. Could a French parent be arrested for giving there 8 year old a glass of wine? Yes. Could a Muslim man be arrested for forcing his wife (non-violently) to wear the Hagab? I know also Muslim women would feel uncomfortable not wearing it like many Irish women would feel uncomfortable following some African tribes tradition of being topless on more then just Spanish beaches. But others do feel pressured to wear it.

Female circumcision is a cruel cruel practice that takes place in many African countries. It is illegal in this country but male circumcision is not. It is normally perform by professional people in clean sterile environments. However as illustrated by a case in Waterford recently this isn’t always the case. But think about it this way if it wasn’t a major part of 2 major religions would cutting off a sensitive part of a young baby in a possibly dangerous and medical unnecessary procedure be accepted? Or even to highlight that political correctness is mainly derived from white people’s standards. If it wasn’t part of a major white religion (Judaism) but was a part of Islam would it be accepted?

Many people say that all Africans as lazy freeloaders. This is racist statement. But another racist statement is to say that Americans are dumb. Many seem not to realise this. In fact many people who are very pro-African rights are also the first ones to call Americans idiots. Yet they never realise the duplicity in this. To many it is politically incorrect to call Islam the religion of terrorism but is ok to call the catholic clergy paedophiles. Most Islamic clergy condemn terrorist violence but some do encourage it(Some catholic priests helped the IRA as well). Also some catholic priest are paedophiles yet most priest are not. So why is it politically acceptable to call one evil and the other not.

Another place where political correctness has double standards is in gender. If women had higher car accident rates do you think that insurance companies would be allowed to charge them more? In this politically correct world. If a woman gets a job because of her gender it is positive discrimination if a male gets a job because of his gender it is sexist. (Saying women slept with the boss is politically incorrect and libellous. Thus not applicable in an argument about political correctness norms). Now before I get attached by the women of this world. I believe that whoever is best for the job should get the job regardless of gender. But just because women were discriminated in the past, discrimination now to redress the imbalance is not right. As the old saying goes two wrongs don’t make a right.

What is political correctness? In my opinion is very much based on western guilt. We are guilty what we did to African Countries, different religions and women. And in the majority of cases we have a lot to answer for. But does that give us the right to pick what is correct and dismiss as wrong and shameful what was previous. If people want to chose what is politically correct to say we have to realise that true political correctness encompasses everything including our own pervious western standards. We have to also realise that in many cases political correctness is not needed. In America Christmas is now the holidays. Is that really offensive to non-Christians or does it come from a guilt that stems from the dominate position Christianity has? Many people find stuff offensive because they believe they should, not because they actually do feel offended. I heard in America Father Ted (that site claims its British. Always trying to take our programs whats next Killinascully :) ) was banned as they felt it would be offensive to Irish people. Did any of my Irish readers feel offended by it.? I certainly wasn’t. Political correctness does not solve anything it is basically window dressing for people to believe that society has changed. Yet women are still are not equally paid as males, blacks in America are still discriminated against, Homosexuals are ridiculed and Muslims are attacked.

If we want true equality we need to dismiss the political correctness that throws a veil over true discrimination in society as it makes people believe it doesn’t exist. We need equality of thought and action. Words will come after that. However not only do we need to give the same respect to Islam, blacks, homosexuals and women as Judaism Christianity, whites, heterosexuals and men but also we need to give the same respect to Judaism Christianity whites, homosexuals and men as Islam blacks heterosexuals and women. There is never anything positive about discrimination.

Edit can't find any referance to Father Ted being banned but i do believe it was actually pulled off a network because it was thought offensive. Wheather that is urban myth or not. Im not sure. But it still doesn't reaaly affect my general point


Eamonn said...

I think Hank Hill said it best when he declared, "What the hell kind of country is this where I can only hate a man if he's white?"

Low Flying Angel said...

How much to drink should be left to the individual (excluding children of course)

Eamonn said...

I agree, extending the licence times is a good idea. The idea has several advantages. I'm sure a few people would go nuts with the drink the first few weeks but slowly they'd get used to situation and the novelty would wear off. And if it doesn't, feck em!

EWI said...

" Well in this country we now have people from France whose culture includes allowing children to drink. "

Wine, not beer, I presume.