Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Touching Up

So this is a really girly thing to post on but I have heard of this idea of airbrushing and the work done to make celebrities look all the more beautiful when they adorn magazine covers and so reading the Huffington Post instead of the latest developments in the race for Presidential nominations or Karl Rove resigning it was the link to this site which caught my eye. The company in question is advertising its service by showing before and after shots of the celebrities they have 'worked on'. I have pasted the lovely Care Blanchette as an example. I for one am sorry I looked, taking away from the wonder that is Penelope Cruz has done me no favours. The people I see as true stars I never really want to know of their flawed human nature, I want to see them delivering great roles and being enigmatic. If you want to make yourself feel better and get confirmation that Johnathan Rhys Meyers does look like a coke head then view away. On entering the site click on Portfolio.

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Anonymous said...

"The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later."

All that traffic you drove over to their site broke their site Simon... :D