Thursday, August 02, 2007

'Halloween' remake trailer

I haven’t watched this trailer, I need to poise and steady myself for the frustration I will feel at this most recent example of Hollywood’s inability to leave stuff alone. I am not puritanical, I was even interested to watch Gus Van Sant’s shot by shot remake of ‘Psycho’. This however smacks of laziness. Horror movies are cheap to make and make plenty of money, so no matter how Rob Zombie spins it, telling us of his respect for the original and how he wants to bring the original to a new audience I just don’t believe him. If you want to bring the original to a new audience, re-release it this October. However desensitised we are to what passes for horror these days, watch ‘Halloween’ alone some night and every creak and movement around your house will have you on edge. It is truly unnerving stuff. As remarked in post-modern style at the end of the first ‘Scream’ film there is no explanation or back story to Michael Myers antics, he is just evil. Why mess with such simple effectiveness. Hang your heads in shame remakers.

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Diana said...


All those out there that have watched 'Helloween' must remember the bit when the gutter falls down - that was the most scary bit on the film.

Why remake something that is perfect the way it was orginally