Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spielberg Supports

I’ve been reading a little about the influence Hollywood has on American politics. It naturally all comes down to money and the Hollywood machine does earn California its high ranking amongst the biggest economies in the world. Star power is all important for raking in the big bucks, Barbara Streisand has been one of the biggest fundraisers for Democrats, with single performances raking in millions at a time. This is not difficult to imagine seeing she is charging up to E500 for tickets for her Irish concert. Democrats rely heavily on Hollywood funding and while Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican is the highest profile example of the cross over between Hollywood and American Politics, the fact is entertainment is the biggest contributor to Democrat committees and causes, and 80% of all money raised by the inhabitants of Beverly Hills goes to Democrats. So the good news for Hilary Clinton is the announcement from Steven Spielberg that having considered all of the Democratic candidates and applauding their individual merits he has chosen to put his support behind Clinton’s nomination. Having the support of Spielberg, never out of lists of Hollywood’s most powerful, will make an important impression come time to select a candidate and make Clinton’s campaign all the easier to run in what is already speculated will be the most expensive election campaign in history.

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