Monday, June 04, 2007


For the last few months I have largely been absent from this blog. Mainly focusing my attention to Irish That took up most of my blogging time and much more of my time besides that. I posted a little of 500 times on the blog nearly a third of all posts which . Did a lot of the design work (only realised when I re-designed for the election how much code me and Keith of had written )and general admin work. I enjoyed the time and probably it is not finished. But I think I will return here a bit more. While it does not have the hits that has it is more my spiritual blogging home. Also it allows me to expand my scope of bloggging away from Irish politics into other interests of mine. By the way the hits have gone up since ck took over as being the main blogger here. Maybe that is telling me something. :-)

Anyway in the words of Paul Newman in the Colour of Money

I’m Back

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