Monday, June 04, 2007

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Damien has fully links so how about un-fluffy links?

When Thatcher outsmarted Reagan Regan and Thatcher and Pope did not defeat communism the people did. Thatcher just didn't help the dictators as much as Reagan.

The Chinese Take on Missile Defense Yip the Yanks and their axises or is it axi?

The Case for Bombing Iran, Ya the yanks or in this case the Canadians are going a it trigger happy. What seems to be missing in all this dick waving is the fact the their is many people in Iran. Especially the young that want rid of the regime. But with the west demonisning them like this they are less likely to make the changes that are needed. It is true that a Nuclear Iran is very Dangerous. You need only to look at Russia. But a Nuclear democratic Iran is far safer then a Nuclear free radical Iran.

Council Tax should go. I pay council tax and it is annoying as hell. It is a regressive tax that is based on where you live not what you earn. House price rises can happen without the occupier beingg able to benefit from it. Although I disagree with a local VAT rate. Which is again regressive. anyone thinking we should get a council tax should read the above.

Mugabe Dishonoured by Edinburgh University He has not gone away you know You have to wonder how many people over look this kind of stuff?

Chavez backs down on the constitution. Why do people on the left love him so. Surely their is far better example's of socialist governments. Or even third world governments come good. Look at Botswana no one ever mentions them.

Arkansas GOP head: We need more 'attacks on American soil' Morgan Stack would probably be say he could point them in the right direction.

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Anonymous said...

Regan and Thatcher and Pope did not defeat communism the people did.

I prefer the idea that it collapsed on its own contradictions...