Monday, September 04, 2006

Tough S**t

From the Sunday Indo House-price hell, or Connacht: that's the tough choice faced by many true-blue Dubs

What a load of crap. Do you hear that playing in the background the smallest violin. No Well maybe that is because it is so small it is sub sonic. How often do we read an article headed Job hell, or Dublin: that's the tough choice faced by many true-blue and gold Tipp people.

Never? Why is it that it is shocking that Dublin people have to move outside Dublin but utterly normal for country people to move to Dublin. People from the country move to Dublin because they have to. We don’t complain but when it involves Dublin people going beyond the DART line it is a tragedy akin to the Cromwelian invasion.

AS for the likes of David in Artane.

Yes, if I was offered the same job, with the same promotion opportunities and the same salary. I am not able to get on the property ladder. At least if I moved West I might actually be able to make a purchase and get some value for money, plus it would probably do me the world of good to get some clean, fresh country air.

Who basically want the same money but have to spend less. It doesn’t work like that David wages are lower because the cost of living is lower. You don’t need the same salary to have the same amount of money in your wallet. But people always look at the bottom line.

As for the various people going on about the poor infrastructure. How long do you queue in traffic again in Dublin? A lot less then the rest of the country I would wager.

As for Rebecca from Booterstown

"People in rural Ireland don't like Jackeen blow-ins moving into their towns and villages and upsetting their little lives.

We have little lives is it. How nice. I will think of that as I go to work with a nice fast commute as you are stuck in your little car in your massive tailback with your little mind.

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