Thursday, September 28, 2006

Richard got a job.

Congrats Richard on getting a new post with the Mail group. Now I wouldn't buy the news paper due to its previous and somewhat still anti-Irish editorial direction in the UK. Call me petty but hey that it is my right in a free market. But I might just give it a quick read in the newsagent now.


squid said...

Make sure they put a big picture of him in it so I can draw glasses and mustache on him when Im done with the soduko puzzles.

Actually , I have never paid for the mail, never will, some other sucker buys it at work and I do the puzzles in it.

Richard Waghorn is the only blogger who can make me angry.

EWI said...

This made my day, if not my week. I still can't help snickering this evening when I think of it, and wonder who the joke's on in that particular relationship.