Monday, September 10, 2007

President Bartlett

I can't remember the last time I met someone interesting or had someone at least say something interesting in my presence. Maybe its the company I am keeping these days but I'm particularly uninspired by my surrounds and in danger of feeling unfulfilled. So I turn to President Bartlett and the single scene that made me sit up and become a fan of 'The West Wing'. And who says who can't learn anything from TV.


Simon said...

great stuff

Yednnek said...

Two outstanding clips. I haven't seen the first one in ages but I really want to learn it by hearty in case I'm ever faced by a bunch of angry Christian fundamentalists.
After watching the 'Big block of cheese' episode I went and did some research on the map thing and it's 100% true. Love it!
Best show ever!!

Yednnek said...

Had to watch them again! Think it's time to break out the box sets again.